A&M Student Mail Service

Rental and Basics of Service



Can packages from Amazon and other online stores be shipped here?


Yes! Because the mailbox is a physical address and not a P.O. Box, you can ship packages from any online store using any carrier (UPS, FedEx, USPS, Amazon, DHL, Lone Star Overnight, etc.).


Can local deliveries be made?

Yes! You can even receive packages from specialty and local carriers like Edible Arrangements, flower deliveries, STAT couriers, grocery stores, etc. For anything that is especially unique, please email us at studentmailservice@gmail.com with prior notice so that we are aware. Note: we have limited cold storage at the Commons and no cold storage at Hullabaloo.


Local delivery drivers are notarious for just leaving products near the mailbox (not with the mailroom) and not having required information. Please add these special instructions if planning on a local delivery:


Commons: "Deliveries may be made to the Commons mailroom, rm 126, M-F from 10 am - 6 pm. Knock on side door if window is closed. Closest Commons entry to the mailroom is off of Mosher Lane. 30 min parking or ramp parking (15 min) are available. Last name and mailbox # (PMB #) are required for delivery."


Hullabaloo: "Deliveries may be made to the Hullabaloo mailroom at 306 University Drive, rm 136 (near Starbucks), M-F from 10 am - 6 pm. Knock on door if window is closed. 30 min parking is available. Last name and mailbox # (PMB #) are required for delivery."


We cannot leave the mailroom to pickup items from delivery drivers.


How large of a package can be ordered?


There is no limit on the size of package the can be received. We have received mini-fridges, bicycles, and even futons! If it can fit through our door, we can accept it.  Students must be able to carry packages without assistance from SMS employees or SMS equipment.


What are your hours of operation?


Fall/Spring: Window hours are Mon-Fri 2 PM - 6 PM and Sat 9 AM - Noon. Winter Break, Spring Break, and Summer have modified hours. We are staffed starting at 9 AM each weekday to pickup USPS mail/packages (the USPS does not deliver to dorms and only makes the mail available for us to pickup by 8:30-9AM each weekday). Commons and Hullabaloo are staffed with mail processing clerks starting at 9:45-10 AM. UPS and FedEx have no set delivery times. We process all mail/packages by 2:00 PM unless the carrier delivery time is such that we must continue processing later into the day. We process all mail/packages the same day it was delivered. If the carrier delivery is late, we will stay late to process, but this may result in your student having the package available for pickup the following day should the window hours be closed.


Summer: Varies year to year ... please email to confirm


What if I am expecting a package to come in over the weekend?


The carriers do not deliver to campus during the weekend. Packages that are expected to be delivered during the weekend will be held by the carrier and delivered on the following Monday.


What if I need to receive an overnight delivery?



We recommend using FedEx Express Standard for overnight delivery. UPS is the follow-up recommendation as they deliver directly to us; however, their delivery deadline is later in the day. Since we process all mail/packages by 2:00 PM, this can cause a timing delay should we be too busy to process the delivery once we are open serving students. We DO NOT recommend using USPS Express. Overnight delivery cannot be truly guaranteed since the USPS does not deliver to the dorms (we must pickup all mail and traditionally only do so once/day).


Can I share a mailbox with a friend or roommate?



Yes, you may add your roommate or friend onto your mailbox at any time for an additional fee. The second person must be on the mailbox (i.e., we must have paperwork on file for them and have them registered in our software) for us to receive packages for them. There is a maximum of two boxholders per mailbox.


How long will packages be held in the mailroom?


Packages will be held for pickup for two weeks, after which we will consider the package to be rejected and the package will be returned to the original sender.  By request or at SMS discretion, this time may be extended.'


Note: during the summer, we discontinue this policy and hold packages through the first week of the fall semester ... items not claimed after the first week are returned to sender


Can I rent a mailbox for just the fall or just the spring semester only?


Currently we do not rent mailboxes for the fall semester only, but we do rent them for the spring semester if you are moving or transferring in over winter.



Issue Questions



My package says “Delivered” or “Available for Pickup,” but it is not here.


When a package is shipped with the United States Postal Service (USPS), the tracking will often say that it is delivered before we actually receive it. This is because of how the USPS processes their packages and updates their tracking. We will receive these packages and have them available for you as soon as we have them (typically this is the following day). If the package was shipped via UPS, FedEx, or DHL, the package should be here when the tracking is marked as delivered.


Why was my package returned to sender?


The most common reason a package is returned to sender is because the private mailbox (PMB) number was left off the package label by the shipper. Some companies use an address verification system which will remove the PMB number from the address line. If the website asks you “would you rather use this address” always verify the PMB number hasn’t been removed by this. You can avoid this by also including your PMB number next to your last name when ordering online.

Other reasons packages may be returned include:

  • Package was sent without a last name
  • Package has a name that does not match the rental agreement and USPS 1583 form (e.g, nicknames, illegal sharing, etc.)
  • Package is undeliverable by the carrier due to a mistake in the street address


My package was returned to sender, what now?


Unfortunately when the return process has started, there is nothing we can do to stop it. If the package was something ordered from an online store, you can contact the seller and request them to reship the package with the correct address you gave them, or you may contact the carrier and attempt to re-reroute it (note: we do not recommend this if the carrier is USPS).


The tracking on my package has not updated for a few days, is there a way to find out where it is?


If your package should have been delivered already, or the tracking doesn’t look right, it is possible that the package was lost during shipping, delayed, or some other issue has occurred. If this happens, you should contact the shipper or the carrier handling your package. They will have more precise information, and can assist you in finding the package.


I have a letter that was supposed to have arrived by now. Is there any way to track it down?


Unfortunately, since letters are not tracked unless they are certified, there is no way to tell where a letter is or how long it will take to arrive. If it has been longer than two weeks since the letter was mailed, you can try submitting a missing mail request with the USPS to try help find the letter.


Please DO NOT send cash or non-refundable gift cards in the mail using just a stamp. Dorm addresses can easily be targetted for theft. If sending something like this, we recommend using a trackable service.



Questions for Current Mailbox Holders



What address do I use?


For Commons use:


Student's first and last name

2 Commons Lobby

PMB ________

College Station, TX 77840


For Hullabaloo use:


Student's first and last name

306 University Dr

PMB ________

College Station, TX 77840


This address works for all carriers (e.g., UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.)



What happens if my package is too large to fit in my mailbox?


Any package too large to fit in the mailbox or a parcel box will be held in our mailroom. We will place a signature card in your mailbox as well as send you a text message and/or email when we receive the package. Just bring the signature card to the mailroom window during our open hours to pick up your package.


Do I need to close my mailbox at the end of the lease term?


No, your mailbox will automatically close at the end of the lease term unless you have paid to renew it for the following term. Note: If you have withdrawn from Texas A&M prior to the lease term ending, we recommend completing a cancellation form. This ensures we do not continue to receive mail/packages on your behalf. We will return to sender anything that arrives after cancellation or you may elect to setup our mail forwarding service.


I have a package in the mailroom that I need to pick up over the weekend. Is there any way I can pick it up?


Just contact us in advance, and we can arrange to put your package in one of our package lockers over the weekend provided it fits. We will leave a key in your mailbox which will open the package locker with your package in it.  Finally, you will still need to sign the signature card and place it in the mail drop-box, located on the side of our room.


I share a mailbox, but only one of us gets the package text messages. Is there a way we both can receive it?


Due to the limitations of our package management software, we can only have one phone number receive the package notification text. We can however set up one person to receive the text message and another person to receive an email notification.

The signature card always says the name of the person with whom I’m sharing the mailbox, even if it’s my package. Is there a way to put my name on the signature cards?


Due to the limitations of out package management software, packages received for a shared mailbox will always show the name of whoever’s name happens to be entered first when registering the mailbox. We do not have a way to change whose name is on the signature card.


Can I pick up packages for the person with whom I’m sharing a mailbox?


Yes. Since you are sharing the mailbox, you and your co-mailbox holder may pick up each other’s mail. You may also choose not to pick up your co-renter’s mail if you wish.


Additional Shipping/Receiving Services



Can packages be shipped from the mailroom as well?


Absolutely! We can accept prepaid drop offs as well as print postage for USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx Ground and Express. We also have shipping supplies such as boxes, envelopes, bubble wrap, and packing paper.


I do not have a mailbox, but I need to receive a package as an emergency. Can I send it to the mailroom and pick it up without a mailbox?


Yes, in emergency situations, you may receive a package in the mailroom without a mailbox as long as you arrange it with us BEFORE the package is sent. We will give you a specific address to use, and there will be a $12 fee. Only UPS and Fedex may be used to ship in these special cases as the USPS requires us to be listed as a receiving agent for all recipients.


Do I have to have a mailbox in order to ship out packages through the mailroom?


No, there is no requirement for you to be a mailbox holder in order to utilize our shipping services. You can ship packages out through us, purchase shipping supplies, buy stamps, and drop off prepaid packages without renting a mailbox.  We also offer notary services by appointment and sell move-out boxes at the conclusion of the spring semester.



Have A Question About Our Campus Mail Service?

For more information, email us at: studentmailservice@gmail.com





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